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What is wisdom?

What is wisdom? But first, what are the conditions that render it desirable, if not necessary, and what is its essential purpose?

Life is a desire to live, and better still a desire to live happily. As we strive to satisfy this desire, we encounter obstacles that complicate or frustrate our efforts. This complication or frustration amounts to suffering because it stands in the way of satisfaction.

Wisdom is designed to help us cope with this suffering. It is an adaptive product of reason in the face of tough circumstances. Thanks to it, happiness is conceivable and achievable in spite of everything.

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Wisdom - Making Wise Choices


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Why So Many People Don’t Want Truth

Why So Many People Don’t Want Truth

Knowing the truth and acting based on that knowledge can put us in the minority or make us unpopular, but that is what Christians are called to be.

The Truth Is Dangerous

The Truth Is Dangerous

What is Truth? Perhaps the problem is not that we do not know what truth is but rather that we do not know that we know. We may not be confident in our knowledge of what truth is because we struggle to articulate a definition. But this is easily remedied if we take a few moments to reflect on the nature of truth.