As a counselor and coach I listen very often to people who shipwreck their lives. Some of these individuals were well meaning and sincere; be it noted that sincerity is not the test of truth. I have often been sincerely wrong. The times I speak of were destructive mainly because I operated unwisely.

Wisdom is required for maintaining and providing for a home. The dispersing or investing of funds should be done with wisdom. A family must use wisdom when picking a ministry for the family. Unfortunately many people get married very often using how they feel as the qualifier. Too many individuals spend money and make purchases for very wrong reasons. Families attend churches where felt needs have become the priority over spiritual excellence. The opportunities to heal and mend broken connections in the family were ignored because of the lack of wisdom. Proverbs states “ By wisdom a house (or home) is built, and through understanding it is established. Wisdom speaks of maturity and its results are relational insight. It is reflected in good judgment. Are you wise? Or does wisdom rule your life?

“For the Lord gives wisdom and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding”. This statement from proverbs 2 is an indictment against lives that are unproductive and mediocre. Wisdom is not the result of a miracle it is freely given by God. The New Testament says if any man lacks wisdom let him ask God. (James 1:5)

The truth is that the masses are superficial in pursuing essential ingredients to create a loving and productive persona. Instead requests are made for trinkets, and social positioning. Too many bargain and trade for notoriety and status. Wise men and women are not shallow. Their lives reflect intimacy in prayer and long hours with the Sovereign. Wise people hang out with God. Remember who you associate with reflects the state of your inner being. Observe the people in your circle how many reflect the character of our Lord in their conversations and behavior. I remind you that the people around you are your choice. They are in your world because of the decision you made to allow them in. You cannot soar with eagles if you hang out with turkeys

Proverbs teaches a powerful insight. It states “happy is the man who finds wisdom and the man who gets understanding” Wisdom is the proper use or allocation of information and knowledge. One cannot make wise choices without information and very often some experience. Christians who would be wise pursue a path to the feet of God asking Him to pour into their hearts and spirits His Spirit. Wisdom my friends is an invaluable gift from God. It is a virtue of great importance to a life of meaning and purpose. Wisdom becomes the ability to see matters as the Lord would. From this we understand clearly that an extremely high I Q is not an advantage with regard to the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God does not depend on human senses or intellectual acumen. The pursuit of wisdom starts with reverencing God and holding Him in high esteem.